lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

"Aneifa and the Magical Hat"

This is a story about the West African spider-man, Anansi. Except that I was tired of hearing about the deeds of this famous trickster so I invented him a wife and she took control of the story for once. This is it...I hope you enjoy it and if you have read any Anansi story you will quickly recognize the tricked character Tiger. This is the tale of Aneifa the trickster and Spider-Woman!

“Aneifa and the Magical Hat” by Jaq's
Once upon a time there lived a spider named Anansi. But he had grown tired of his tricks. He sat day after day and would not go to Rabbit, Tiger or Turkey to gain some food. He sat in a mossy rock looking to a brook next to his little house. His wife Aneifa, tired of his laziness went to him by the mossy rock.
“Why Anansi don’t you get some food? Why? Why have you grown tired of providing for your kids?” asked Aneifa pleadingly.
“Aneifa, wife, do you know how tiresome it is to trick people all the time? Why can’t I take a little holiday?”
Now Aneifa was filled with despair. Who would feed the children now? The pears weren’t ripe and they had no more beans left. She began to weep. Anansi did not feel a little moved but said annoyed, “If you are so worried, why don’t you become the trickster and provide for the kids.”
Aneifa thought long on this and decided she would give it a try. She braided her hair and hid it under a red hat. She walked like Anansi, talked like him and even put on a fake mustache made of grass. When she went outside to test her disguise no one took notice and waved at her saying, “Hello Anansi, good day to you!” She felt relieved and went straight to Tiger’s house.
“Hello Tiger! How do you do?” she said happily.
“I’m alright, but Anansi, what is it that you have on your head?” asked Tiger very surprised.
“It is a magical hat that allows me to see in the dark. The cat gave it me.” Tiger was intrigued.
“And Cat would give you his magical hat, the very thing that makes all fear him, his power to see in the dark? Well, sorry to be so skeptic but it doesn’t sound right. ” he looked suspicious.
“I cannot believe your distrust! It offends me. But I will give you a chance to see how real it is. Behold! When night has fallen I will show you that I can find a banana in the night.” Aneifa said very sure of herself. This will be my chance to trick him into giving me this night’s supper, she tought.
“Well then, if it turns out to be true you will sell me the hat for ten boxes of beans and one of rice. If it turns out to be false you will give me all of the pears of your tree as soon as they’re ripe.” Tiger was content to have such an easy meal, for Anansi was such a bad liar he could gain from his intent of deceit.
At nightfall they both went to a clearing. Aneifa had the banana on her hand. She told Tiger to place the banana very far away from them, to count the paces and return. Aneifa, of course being so clever, tied a string to the banana so she would find it where ever it was. And so Tiger went twenty five paces into the clearing and laid down the banana, when he returned he said “Now put on your magical red hat and find the banana.”
Aneifa put on the hat and walked into the clearing, she felt for the string and followed it to the banana, quickly enough she found the banana and ran back, “Here it is! Here it is!” said Aneifa jumping up and down happily. Tiger was so impressed that he bought the hat right away and Aneifa brought so much food home she needed her children’s help to carry it all. Tiger of course was much impressed and tried the hat himself. He quickly found out the hat didn’t work.